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Eye-catching — but not my size, alas! Seen at the International Cultural Festival in Mount Roskill a while ago.

Today, New Zealand celebrates Queen’s Birthday; it is also the official beginning of winter, and the City Daily Photo community celebrates “Style”. Click here for more stylish offerings.

Noting that I have posted under the heading “Style” before, even with the subject being women’s shoes, I must fear that the police will be after me … Serious trouble, considering there is an even earlier item.


  1. William Kendall

    Those must be murder to walk in.

  2. Stefan Jansson

    Stylish they are, and as William says tricky to walk with.

  3. TilburgDailyPhoto

    These shoes are a piece of Art. Jolly nice. Greetings, Peter

  4. Jim

    Good theme day shot.

  5. Denton

    nice color and pose … good choice for the theme … but … I never complement high heels … comfortable looks so much better (smile)

  6. Kate

    Vivid color. High fashion. Would love to see someone actually walking the terrain with them. Comfortable? Safe?

  7. wilf wang

    Stylish sure they are, I am not sure about the comfort of wearing them, nevertheless, it is eyes catching.

  8. Grace

    Oh la! They’re pretty spectacular and definitely stylish Paul, what a super fun pick for the theme!
    P.s. My feet hurt just looking at them 🙂

  9. Merisi in Vienna

    Red shoes and exuberantly stylish at that! 😉

  10. Karl

    WOW !
    Great choice for this theme, Paul !

  11. EG CameraGirl


  12. tanya breese

    they are sure different!

  13. Anna Tahiti Daily Photo

    Waouh, good interpretation, those shoes are amazing !

  14. Sharon

    Wow, those are some fantastic shoes!

  15. Lauren Kennedy

    My hat off to the person wearing them. They are very stylish and bright too :).

  16. RedPat

    Wow – those look painful but stylish!

  17. Hamilton

    In this case, one must suffer to be stylish.

  18. MurciaDailyPhoto

    Stylish could be dangerous. 😉

  19. Lynette

    You’ve made a great Theme Day post. I’m glad you picked this to share with us. I can’t figure out how anyone walks in this sort of shoe, though.

  20. bergson

    shoes for rugby ?

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