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Hereford Street Mural

Hereford Street Mural

The Ponsonby water reservoir spans across a whole block between Hereford Street and Ponsonby Road – a great opportunity for mural art. This is the Hereford Street front: from a distance you notice the shape of a sea creature, but as you come closer, the image resolves into a network of houses joined by ladders and roads. I tried unsuccessfully to invent a story which would connect it all — just have to enjoy!

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Hereford Street Mural

Hereford Street Mural


  1. William Kendall

    It does catch the eye!

  2. Amy

    love it! very cool and unusual

  3. Chandra

    Very detailed mural – quite nice!
    Have a Beautiful Day!!
    Peace šŸ™‚

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