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Two Pou by the Opanuku Stream

Rongo-Ma-Tane (Whare Thompson)

Rongo-Ma-Tane (Whare Thompson)

Carved by master carver Whare Thompson in collaboration with Maori studies students from Henderson High School. Rongo-Ma-Tane, the Maori God of cultivated food, carved from Hinuera stone, and Haumie Tike Tike, the Maori God of uncultivated food, carved from totara. These two pou (posts) are part of “Te Maara Oranga” a garden just south of Henderson Park along the Opanuku cycleway. There are plaques identifying various native plants and their uses in traditional medicine.

Source: Te Maara Oranga.

Haumie Tike Tike (Whare Thompson)

Haumie Tike Tike (Whare Thompson)

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  1. William Kendall

    June 24, 2015 at 9:21 am

    They both certainly stand out.

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