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Putangitangi over cabbage tree swamp

Putangitangi over cabbage tree swamp

“Putangitangi over cabbage tree swamp” is the title of this mural by Charles and Janine Williams. It covers a sizeable wall of the premises of Alsco along New North Road, Kingsland.

Putangitangi is the Maori word for the paradise shelduck; male in front, female to the left of the picture. Cabbage tree is the common name for cordyline species, and the reference is to a watercolour “Cabbage tree swamp” by John Backhouse (1845-1908), parts of which are quoted in the triangular bits of the mural. A reproduction of that painting is shown on a plaque beside the mural. The cabbage tree swamp is an area close by, now Eden Park, which in years gone by would have been teeming with these ducks.

The artists completed the painting of this work in five days this January, often working until midnight.

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Mural by Charles and Janine Williams: Detail

Mural by Charles and Janine Williams: Detail

"Cabbage tree swamp" (John Backhouse)

“Cabbage tree swamp” (John Backhouse)


  1. Stefan Jansson

    Impressive mural.

  2. William Kendall

    Wow! That really stands out well!

  3. Oakland Daily Photo

    It must have been grueling painting on the corrugated walls. But the images are so compelling. Thanks for contributing to this week’s Monday Mural.

  4. gunn

    Image number 2 is very nice.
    Well, the whole wall is pretty!

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