Mainly West of Queen Street - seen through my lens

Between the Goalposts

Between the Goalposts

Between the Goalposts

Another morning of fog today. Some flights cancelled or delayed.

For more black and white images check out Dragonstar’s Weekend in Black and White.


  1. Dragonstar

    Misty mornings can be so beautiful. I love the way you positioned the sun so perfectly/

  2. Karen

    Mist or fog always make for an interesting foto. Lovely shot.

  3. William Kendall

    I really like the mood in this shot.

  4. Gemma Wiseman

    Such an enchanting misty scene. Quite haunting.

  5. Photo Cache

    I find the fog so beautiful, although it can be a havoc to some.

    Visiting from BLACK AND WHITE WEEKEND.


  6. Su-sieee! Mac

    The scene gives me the shivers. I think cold. I also think possible menacing possibilities.

  7. gunn

    This is just great.
    Looking at it I am thinkinking that it looks like the beginning of a film or the cover of a book.

    Happy weekend to you.

  8. Jane

    Fog can be so atmospheric and makes things look surreal sometimes, great photo!

  9. gabrielle

    nice shot ! very hard tu send the ball between the goalposts !
    regards from Toulouse, the other rugby country ! 🙂

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