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The City Daily Photo theme for August is “Bicycle”. My contribution is a picture of the YikeBike, a fully folding electric bike. I saw this several years ago in a shop in Auckland, but have not ever seen it in action. Go to the YikeBike website for video clips. The unconventional handlebars, the origami-like fold up, not least the glistening finish – a feast. Headquarters and manufacturing of the YikeBike is in Christchurch, New Zealand.

And while on the subject of intriguing modes of electric-powered locomotion (but outside the brief of “BIcycles”): just recently when I was framing a shot on Grafton Bridge, Auckland, a gentleman floated into the picture on a single wheel: an “AirWheel“. Looked very classy and does not even need to be folded up!

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  1. Thar air wheel looks kinda cool. I think I want one.

  2. Very good. I’m going to buy an electric bike when I get too old to pedal uphill and the yikebike looks the perfect answer 🙂

  3. The foldup’s quite unusual. I’ve seen the airwheel before… the balance issue on one of those would baffle me!

  4. I would love to own an electric bike.

  5. Groovy, in a weird way. Here, you can find them in a museum…

  6. My vestibular system will not allow me to ride a two-wheel bike, that alone a unicycle. IMO, this theme is about cycles, and I really don’t care how many wheels are involved. I am sure other members will take me to task on this.

  7. Oh, I like the idea of a foldable electric bike!

  8. The advancement of technology is just amazing :).

  9. Looks like an interesting concept. I would try one – especially if it came in shiny red!

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