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One of two figures in Te Uru recently, when they wanted to evoke that robot-y or space-y or whatever (in one word: “curious”) feeling. The City Daily Photo bloggers’ theme for September is “curiosities”. Today also is the beginning of spring in this country, and the weather is nothing if not curious…

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  1. Kate

    I think I could grow very fond of this cute little guy!

  2. Julie

    I suspect this “cute little guy” is actually a woman, judging from the boobs, and the skirts. It could, of course, be a transgender in progress. All very curious.

  3. EG CameraGirl

    Love the whimsy!

  4. William Kendall

    Very much a throwback to the early sci-fi look!

  5. Susan Bauer

    I concur with Julie. He is a she, and mighty attractive, at that!

  6. Lauren Kennedy

    well now that is a different looking character. Quite curious.

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