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HaaPoom (Seung Yul Oh)

HaaPoom (Seung Yul Oh)

HaaPoom (Seung Yul Oh)

The yellow balloon fills the main gallery and its light funnel to best advantage. Part of Seung Yul Oh’s current exhibition at Te Uru.

In more words than I can find (from the wall of the exhibition):

HaaPoom takes its title from the Korean word for yawn’. an infectious and often involuntary act The reference continues artist Seung Yul Oh’s interest in exploring creativity, expression and surprise. Working from the simplest of materials, he transforms everyday experiences into unexpected encounters that are activated by audiences. The title is also a nod to the wind as a defining characteristic of West Auckland, as well as Oh’s keen interest in expansion, growth, kinetic forces and latent potential through the lightest of materials: air.

Always playing with scale, Oh is an expert at creating big effects with the lightest touch, including huge inflated sculptures that can occupy large spaces but remain vulnerable to deflation. Through common motifs, like balloons or giant eggs, he references cycles of growth and regeneration, as well as the spontaneous processes and potential of cosmological forces. HasPoem proposes that the big bang is a giant yawn and provides a playful universe of wonder and primal experiences.

HaaPoom is Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery’s biggest exhibition to date. ead through four galleries and activating many spaces between. The exhibition ures new work made specifically for our new and architecturally distinctive spaces one of New Zealand’s most dynamic and internationally active contemporary artists.

The exhibition is curated by Andrew Clifford and is accompanied by edition artist blication, kindly supported by Starkwhite.

The exhibition runs until November 8.

More by Seung Yul Oh on this blog.

HaaPoom (Seung Yul Oh)

HaaPoom (Seung Yul Oh)


  1. William Kendall

    It certainly looks massive!

  2. Amy

    what a cool angle the photo is taken from, I really like it

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