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Bike Shelter (Thomas Keal)

Bike Shelter (Thomas Keal)

Bike Shelter (Thomas Keal)

This stylish bike shelter is near the main entrance to Unitec. The result of a design competition, won by Thomas Keal. Footprint 5m x 2m, fabricated from powder coated steel with high impact acrylic panels by CAM NZ.

The City Daily Photo theme for October is “Shelter”. Click here to see more contributions.


  1. I like the look and the colours!

  2. Great theme day post.

  3. This certainly wins on visual appeal. And show they are taking cycling seriously.

  4. What a lovely and well constructed shelter!

  5. Super colourful find for the theme Paul.

  6. This is a super bike shelter!

  7. I have seen bus shelters and bike stands/racks, but never have I seen a shelter for bikes. What a great idea and this one is attractive and well-designed!

  8. That is a wonderful shelter for bikes! A great design!

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