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From Inside

From Inside

The City Daily Photo theme for November is “Ephemeral”. As in “lacks duration”, “whoosh – it’s all over”. Just look at fashion, or – well many more possible interpretations can be found here.

My take on the theme is a look out the window on a day of rain and hail, with melting bits of hail sliding down the pane and vanishing along the way.

And in taking the picture, the transient became permanent – you have to use your imagination to see how ephemeral this is …


  1. William Kendall

    Hail is certainly one of those things that’s quite brief in its time on the ground.

  2. Jim

    Good for theme day.

  3. dianne

    I like that Paul – in taking the photograph the transient becomes permanent.

  4. Kay

    Great interpretation…and I like your taking it a step further, “the transient became permanent.”

  5. jb

    Too early in the morning for all this existential stuff, Paul. Great image. Very Gerhard Richter-esque

  6. gunn

    I can nearly hear the sound of this 🙂
    A nice theme day image.
    I like it in b/w.

  7. Lauren Kennedy

    Looks great in B&W. Nice choice.

  8. Merisi in Vienna

    You created art that has staying power,

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