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Noodles — OnDo (Seung Yul Oh, 2015)

OnDo (Detail) --- Seung Yul Oh 2015

OnDo (Detail) — Seung Yul Oh 2015

This sculpture by Seung Yul Oh appeared nearly around April 2015 at Ballantyne Square, Dominion Road. Intended as a temporary art work, to soften the impact of never ending roadworks in the area. Standing about 4-5 metres high, soba noodles are held aloft by giant chopsticks (or maybe the other way round). The surrounding fence echoes the orange traffic cones which obstruct every road under construction, and within its perimeter you find some ripped up bitumen (apart from more noodles). The subject matter of noodles is an appropriate reference to the numerous Asian noodle places a little further down the road.

It is pleasing to note that the art has outlasted the roadworks.

A deep and meaningful piece “The Peoples’ Dominion” about public art in the area can be found here.

OnDo --- Seung Yul Oh 2015

OnDo — Seung Yul Oh 2015

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  1. William Kendall

    It does catch your eye. Here the city policy has it that when they rip up roads to do infrastructure replacement, part of the compensation to the neighbourhood for the aggravation has to be public art.

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