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The Library Cafe

A Game of Chess and a Muffin

A Game of Chess and a Muffin

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The Library Cafe” in Onehunga used to be a “Carnegie Free Library”; the building operated as library from 1912 to 1970. Presently, the stately building operates as child friendly and down to earth cafe. There is a sizeable dining room and a more intimate “Reading Room”, all with fine wood paneling. Enjoyable atmosphere and good coffee.

More detailed information at the Timespanner blog.

Reading Room

Reading Room

The Library Cafe

The Library Cafe

Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie


  1. Merisi in Vienna

    What a beautiful, beautiful building and café!
    Love the game of chess and reading room scenes, a truly special feeling about this place!
    Thank you for sharing a piece of café culture in your part of the world,

  2. William Kendall

    Carnegie’s libraries were all over. Beautiful!

  3. Dina

    This is so nice! I especially love the picture of the pair having a bite to eat over chess.

  4. Jim


  5. Jack

    What an excellent coffee house!

  6. Sharon

    What a perfect place to relax.

  7. Kate

    The classic architecture is so formal yet how wonderful it is that it is kid friendly as shown by the casual and comfortable posture of the young child.

  8. nathalie.avignon

    What a great place! Great set of photos.

  9. Grace

    So nice to see old and young enjoying library facilities together.

  10. gerald

    looks a nice place for a cuppa

  11. Lauren Kennedy

    What an elaborate building and love the concept behind it.

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