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You Cannot Vote …

No Middle Way

No Middle Way

… for the middle flag! The second flag referendum will result in a binding decision between the old flag and the alternative shown to the left. Much has been said about the virtues of each of them, by people with much higher celebrity ranking than this writer, so I won’t bore you with an excited plea for one or the other. Except: VOTE!

There are three ways to return your voting paper from overseas. You can send it by post, but need to make sure the envelope is post-marked by Wednesday 23 March. You can also return it by fax or secure upload before 7.00pm Thursday 24 March (NZ time).

It’s a postal vote, and the recommendation for locals is to post it by Monday, 21 March. Take it from an experienced procrastinator: Do it NOW, if you have not done so already.


  1. William Kendall

    They both have merit. The traditional one, of course, is quite similar to the Aussie flag, which might be a good argument in favour of a switch.

  2. Julie

    When it is flying, the one on the left looks okay. The flag on the right has served its purpose. Perhaps the replacement is too cluttered … only people from NZ can actually say …

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