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Fungal Beauty

Aseroe Rubra

Aseroe Rubra

Found quite often in wood chip mulch, the starfish fungus (aseroe rubra) fully deserves its common name “anemone stinkhorn”. The brown spore masses on the ‘tentacles’ ooze a distinctly fecal aroma, making these pretty pictures ideal illustrations for the City Daily Photo theme of May: “Smell”. Many more images describing olfactory sensations may be found here.

Aseroe Rubra

Aseroe Rubra


  1. William Kendall

    It looks otherworldly. You’ve chosen well for the theme!

  2. Julie

    It looks like it feeds on insects that unwarily fall into its “pot”, Paul. How absolutely wonderful is nature!

  3. Cara

    What a beauty! Looks like an octopus made out of chicken feet. Mmm those brown splodges of gunk look interesting.

  4. RedPat

    I’m sure you will be the only lone with this for the theme! Good one!

  5. Mike Nice

    It looks like it could be an alien life form. An excellent theme entry!

  6. Kate

    The colour contrast makes for a very vivid snapshot. Very interesting textures, too.

  7. Kay

    What an apt name! It so looks like a starfish…except for that brown stuff. I can well imagine it’s not a pleasant scent. Nice choice.

  8. Lauren Kennedy

    Quite extraordinary. Looks amazing.

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