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Weeds, Weeds

Himalayan Fairy Grass (Miscanthus nepalensis)

Himalayan Fairy Grass (Miscanthus nepalensis)

Hiamalyan Fairy Grass (Miscanthus nepalensis) is an invasive weed, hard to control due to its extensive root systems, but, oh so pretty…

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  1. William Kendall

    It certainly is pretty.

  2. Dragonstar

    So delicate and pretty. Such a shame that so many pretty weeds are so invasive. Though I suppose that if they weren’t invasive they’d be prized as garden plants 😉

  3. gunn

    This is sooooo nice!
    I like it a lot.

  4. Gemma Wiseman

    Beautiful, delicate tones at the top of the weeds. Really lovely.

  5. marsha leith

    very pretty

  6. RobertN

    Beautiful b&w!

  7. roland theys

    Beautiful, delicate photo!

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