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Look Down!

Look Down!

Look Down!

“Look Down!” commands the City Daily Photo theme for July. This is what I saw — just don’t tell me I have a foot fetish!

Below: even the swans at Western Springs are looking down!

Find more contributions to the theme here.

Swans Looking Down

Swans Looking Down


  1. William Kendall

    Some interesting feet there- the skulls on the legs in one of them catches my eye!

  2. Kay

    Wow! Great selection! Well done for today’s theme.

  3. TilburgDailyPhoto

    Fetish? No, a mild obsession, hahaha

  4. Grace

    Tres cool feet/shoes shots, foot fetish… nah!

  5. gunn

    The colourful LOOK DOWN image is so unique, so fun and creative, so WELL SEEN & WELL DONE to YOU 🙂

  6. Mo

    Show fetish I reckon. Great collage.

  7. Jack

    A fine collection down below.

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