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HaaPoom (Seung Yul Oh)

HaaPoom (Seung Yul Oh)

HaaPoom (Seung Yul Oh)

The yellow balloon fills the main gallery and its light funnel to best advantage. Part of Seung Yul Oh’s current exhibition at Te Uru.

In more words than I can find (from the wall of the exhibition):

HaaPoom takes its title from the Korean word for yawn’.…

Noodles — OnDo (Seung Yul Oh, 2015)

OnDo (Detail) --- Seung Yul Oh 2015

OnDo (Detail) — Seung Yul Oh 2015

This sculpture by Seung Yul Oh appeared nearly around April 2015 at Ballantyne Square, Dominion Road. Intended as a temporary art work, to soften the impact of never ending roadworks in the area. Standing about 4-5 metres high, soba noodles are held aloft by giant chopsticks (or maybe the other way round).…

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