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Manet in Glen Eden

When I was a student, I used to decorate my digs with inexpensive art prints. One of my favorites was “Le Fifre” (The Fife Player) by Manet. It came as quite a surprise to find it at the Glendale Road entrance of Glenmall in Glen Eden, together with another Manet painting: “Emile Zola” – the reading man and the books being a reference to the Glen Eden Book Exchange which is behind the wall.…

Painted Boxes: John and Jane Bollard

John and Jane Bollard

John and Jane Bollard

A box for Boxing Day.

This traffic control box governs the intersection of Blockhouse Bay Road and New North Road/St Jude/Crayford Streets. It shows historic portraits of John Bollard (1839/40-1915) and his wife Jane who were residents of Avondale from 1861.…

Library Lane

Library Lane, Glen Eden

Library Lane, Glen Eden

I searched high and low, and eventually I found the name of one of the two narrow lanes running between West Coast Road and Glenmall (the sign is up high, above the glass canopy, “Library Lane”). One side is decorated by murals of Louis and Sharon Statham, on the other side are metal sculptures which will be shown some other time.…

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