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Waitakere City — R.I.P.

Location Signs: Waitakere City

Location Signs: Waitakere City

This sign indicates where you reached Waitakere City, entering New Lynn as you come from Avondale along Great North Road, at the intersection with Portage Road. As befits the brick and clay heritage of New Lynn and other western suburbs, the letters are affixed to a modest brick wall. If you look carefully, it appears that there are marks of earlier different lettering, maybe it once said “Waitemata City”, an administrative entity formed in 1974 and making way in 1989 to another major reorganization of local bodies, when Waitakere City came into existence.

Now the hours are numbered for this great Eco-City, being amalgamated with 6 more cities and districts to form a new AUCKLAND, starting on Monday, November 1 (dubbed the “super city”, although in the controversial runup to the changes some bumper stickers proudly proclaimed that “Waitakere is already a super city”). Elections for mayor, 20 city councillors and 21 local boards were held on October 9, and now our best hopes and expectations ride on the new administration. Wish them and us luck!

In all, the new Auckland will have a population of about 1.4 million (just under a third of the population of NZ). It is made up from parts of Rodney District, Auckland City, North Shore City, Waitakere City, Manukau City, Papakura District, and parts of Franklin District.

But rather than shedding tears for the past, why not join in the celebrations this afternoon of Viva Waitakere, at Henderson Park next to the Corban Estate Arts Centre from 4 (“populated with a diverse range of activities and entertainment that capture what Waitakere is all about — bring your own friends, family, food and fun”).

The website for the new city is

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  1. Dragonstar

    It’s a fine sign against the bricks of the wall.

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