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Top of Silo

Top of Silo

The “Tank Farm” of our Wynyard Quarter is always an attraction for photographers, especially when the sun casts interesting shadows. The top picture is shot from the gantry, and the bottom one shows a bit more context.

These silos are supposed to disappear in the next few years, and 2012 saw an initiative (promoted by Hamish Keith) to give them a stylish farewell in the form of painted decorations, complete with C.K. Stead‘s poem “Auckland”. (Promptly raising fears that we might fall in love with the embellished artefacts, opposing the long overdue sanitation of this prime piece of waterfront.)

Art by Askew One (Elliot O’Donnell).

Another view of painted tanks, and the text of the poem are in this post of November 9, 2012.

A Battery of Silos

A Battery of Silos


  1. William Kendall

    I do rather like the paint jobs. The premises remind me though of a roofing factory I worked at when I was a teen, doing security one summer.

  2. Amy

    someone’s clever to do creative paintjobs on those!

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