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Streamside Anatomy

The Fish

The Fish

As I crossed the “eel footbridge” in Piha, a meticulously skeletonized fish presented itself: are there piranhas in our stream?

For more black and white images check out Dragonstar’s Weekend in Black and White.


  1. Mormor

    Perhaps there is?
    Great photo.
    Have a nice day

  2. B&W Blog HansHB

    Splendid B&W composition, great photowork!

  3. Dragonstar

    Excellent composition! The fish looks as if it’s crafted from silver.

  4. bill burke

    Nice find and it looks great in black and white.

  5. Birgitta

    Excellent photo!

  6. William Kendall

    Slighty morbid, but fascinating pic!

  7. Gemma Wiseman

    The skeleton shape seems so complete. An amazing sight to find.

  8. lina@my home sweet home

    So weird.
    Did the piranha do this?

  9. LonettA

    Excellent photo in B&W!

  10. Taken For Granted

    Great shot. That fish has spent too much time on a diet. Not a bone out of place.

  11. Yoshi

    Hilarious! Great composition and it looks great in B&W.

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