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POP Plinths

Three Tongan Creatives

Three Tongan Creatives

I was near the top of Ponsonby Road yesterday, when I spotted the plinths and performers (as well as some Council staffers as well as Ali Ikram from TV3’s “Campbell Live”). Auckland Council and Waitemata Local Board are keeping the population amused (some more and some less so) with a bit of POP Foolery. This is POP Project 13: “An installation of plinths will invite you to be a living sculpture in your own neighbourhood. Strike a pose, burst into song, stand on one leg, and take your rightful place.

Apart from #popplinths there is also #poppercussion #wordpop #poppingpong #popfoolery . Enjoy while it lasts. Locations vary. The idea seems to be to engage the community in unexpected fun in unexpected places.

Watch video of Campbell Live about POP. Or check them out on Facebook.

There were not many people about when I came past the action yesterday. But you can see that every man and their dog participated in the frolicking.

20 POP Plinths

20 POP Plinths

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  1. William Kendall

    Those certainly do make for good photo ops!

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