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Nudity on my Blog?

Design Foundry, Maidstone Street

Design Foundry, Maidstone Street

The Design Foundry has this near-empty showroom at 16 Maidstone Street, Grey Lynn. No doubt it will be filled with wonderful people and objects before long, as per the announcement. Meanwhile I used it for a reflection shot and some gratuitous nudity.

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  1. Oh la la… Mais couvrez ces seins que je ne saurez voir !


    This is a good one, though…


  2. Oh, I love it! What a great capture for the day and definitely the most fun reflection of the day!! Glad you caught if before they got dressed! Have a fun weekend, Paul!


  3. Grat shot! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. So far, your post has put the biggest grin on my face! Great reflections and some fun naked mannequins. Love it! Have a great weekend and maybe next week these models will have some fancy clothes on their torsos.

  5. Not much gratuitous nudity on the CDP, guess you have to start somewhere. Amusing post.

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